1. How to install a tow hook?

Locate the tow hitch installation location. There is a small square module between the headlights of the front bumper and the front bumper bar of the car, which is where the tow hook is installed.

Use a screwdriver to gently pry the small square module, and pry out the cover of the small module.

Screw the tow hook onto the small module, pay attention to screw it clockwise, and the installation is successful until it stops.

2. What should be paid attention to when using tow hook?

Safety check: Always check that a tow hook is in good shape before using it.

Applicability: Make sure the selected tow hook is suitable for your vehicle model and usage scenario.

Instructions for use: Follow the instructions and recommendations provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Make sure tow hooks are installed and used where and how they are appropriate.

Safety Buckle: Use the reliable safety buckle to attach the tow hook to the vehicle during towing.

Traction Control: When using the tow hook for towing, ensure that the traction is moderate, avoid excessive pulling or sudden acceleration, so as not to damage the vehicle or towing tools.

Avoid shocks: Avoid sudden shocks during towing, especially when the vehicle is accelerating or decelerating.

Routine inspection: Regularly check the state of the tow hook, including whether the bolts are loose, whether there is corrosion on the surface, and whether the safety buckle is in good condition.

Use with caution: Using the tow hook requires caution and skill, especially in complex road conditions and rescue situations.

3. How long is the delivery date?

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4. How to cancel the order?

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5. How to apply for a return?

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